The Lick

We’ve launched The Lick!


What is it?
The Lick is a practical support network for women. “How’s this one different to other networks?”  It’s a completely confidential Forum for women to work through (lick) a specific workplace issue they are facing. It’s limited to six women every time we meet.


How will it work?
One person presents their issue in no more than 10 minutes, with no interruptions from the others. The next 10 minutes is for the rest of the group to ask questions and clarify the issue. The final 10 minutes is for the group to make suggestions for solutions to the issue. Each session will last one hour, with an opportunity for two issues to be presented each time we meet.
Clare Ruby will moderate The Lick and this format draws on her learnings and experience from the work she did at the Tavistock Institute (Consulting in Change Management).


Why be a part of it?
As the presenter you have a chance to really think about the issue you’re facing and how you will frame it. You can learn from a group of women who are all smart and well known in their industries, and may well have faced the problem you are going through. You will certainly get a different perspective and hopefully leave with some ideas of a way forward. As a member of the group you can support other women, take part in active listening and impart your knowledge and expertise to help someone reframe their issue and find a way forward. You may hear from women with similar problems to yours, that can give you some ideas if you’re “stuck”.


Where and when?
We’re starting off in London and this is not restricted to a particular industry. Once we know who’s interested we’ll decide between us when we meet.

Email us if you’d like to be a part of The Lick [email protected]

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