The RubyBlosse Minifesto to reduce stress

We’ve launched the RubyBlosse Minifesto to encourage event organisations to do something about reducing stress and promote wllbeing.

On International Women’s Day this year we launched a survey to measure the impact of stress on women in the event industry. A shockingly low 11% said they were were offered any practical help or advice on their return to work from a stress related illness when asked. So, here’s our small way of trying to improve that. It’s by no means a silver bullet, but brings together ideas from the survey respondents and our personal ideas from having both experienced stress and helped people through stressful times in the various events organisations in which we’ve worked.

The practical RubyBlosse Minifesto to address stress in the Events Industry

We’re really pleased to see, and fully supportive of, the first ever industry initiative to promote wellbeing and reduce stress in the events industry #EventWell17 

Please email us if you’d like the full report from our survey [email protected]


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